I work with mixed media--aquatint etchings, photogravures, photographs and drawings--because I want to exploit the expressive possibilitiest each medium provides to the subjects I choo se.








The aquatint etchings I make are primarily abstract compositions.  My work begins in meditation.  I visualize a stream of images, out of which I construct ethereal spaces.  Often I sketch out a few ideas as I go, which can be helpful in planning the etch, because the etching process is virtually invisible.  In a nutshell, I grab a visual concept from imagination and do what I can to have it etch deep into the copper, choose the colors to ink the plates, and anxiously await my first view of the image when I pull the print off the press bed.









With photography, I contemplate what's in front of me and compose on the spot to capture my feelings and ideas about a subject.  For example, in the photograph of a solitary stone protruding from a solid rock beach ("Reclining Stone), I contemplated the inevitability of continental drift and erosion, while also staying fully aware of the elements around me as I move through the landscape.









Drawing is a sustained, nonverbal dialog between me and a subject.  My drawings record additional details than I was aware of when I drew them.  For example, when I was on the docks drawing ships, I was sitting there long enough that the sounds of voices, machines, splashing water, and the feel of the wind are embedded in my memories along with drawing.  




Taken together, the various media I use are vehicles to a wider range of experience than if I limited my practice to a single medium. They work in concert to express myself in more ways.  




Color Aquatints


B&W Darkroom Prints